Olde English Crackers is the sole custom manufacturer of Christmas and Party Crackers in the United States. As such we take great pride in offering our clients the highest quality custom and branded designs to fit their specific needs. Over the years we have provided bespoke crackers for a variety of promotional events, advertising campaigns, corporate functions and holiday sales campaigns. Our corporate clients include Retailers, Hotels, Restaurants and a variety Blue Chip Organizations.

Our standard custom cracker measures 2 inches in diameter and 10 inches in length. To obtain a quote or receive additional information regarding how we can design a cracker for your purposes please contact us with your ideas. Things to consider include

  1. Cracker design: color scheme, branding pattern, external decorations (e.g. ribbons, appliques, etc.). We have a downloadable template available that you can use to design the outer wrapper for your crackers or we are happy to carry out the design work to your specifications.
  2. Contents (Gifts, Hats, Messages, etc.):  Customers can provide their own contents or we are happy to source these for you. Fillers must be able to fit inside a 2” diameter x 4” long cylinder.
  3. Quantity required.
  4. Packaging Details:  Our standard packaging is in retail packs of 6 crackers or bulk boxes of 50 or 100 crackers each.
  5. Delivery Schedule: Please keep in mind that you are ordering a handmade product and that we may have to order in custom materials and contents for your crackers. We recommend that you order well in advance of your required delivery date as it can take weeks or even months to fulfill some orders.

Examples of the custom crackers that we have provided for several previous clients are shown in the following images:

This past Holiday Season, The New York Review of Books featured custom crackers with a literary twist in their online Readers Catalog — a thoughtful collection of gifts to help foster the love of reading and writing. The crackers were filled with items such as pens and erasers, and instead of the traditional joke/riddle, each cracker in the boxed set of 6 contained a different literary trivia question /”name that quotation” card. A separate set of crackers was offered for children ages 3-8, and two sets of crackers, each with different trivia cards, was offered for adult readers.

Also for the 2018 Holiday Season, we worked with Fete Home co-founders Jennifer Potter and Audrey Margarite to create a set of elegant crackers from handmade marbled papers in a range of exclusive blue and green signature Fete Home patterns. The crackers were featured as a holiday gift item in the Fete Home Fall/Winter online catalog where they where displayed as a tablescaping piece and decorative accent for a range of tabletop accessories and other home decor pieces.

For the second consecutive year, Decor & More Inc., one of Canada’s largest and most awarded event decor firms, used a custom printed cracker as a tablescaping piece and gift giveaway at a Santa’s Workshop event held in Calgary, Alberta. These crackers featured the traditional tissue crown and silly riddle, as well as a small holiday ornament.

Also this past holiday season, Exponea, a cutting edge e-commerce marketing firm specializing in cloud-hosted market automation and data analysis, used an attention getting custom cracker in a direct mail marketing campaign to promote a new marketing video.

For the 2017 Holiday Season we worked with celebrated event designer Rebecca Gardner to create a set of elegant crackers made from handmade marbled paper and tied with matching, custom silk ribbon. Gardner’s crackers were just one of many unique gifts offered at her Sugar Plum pop-up shop in New York’s famed St Regis Hotel. These beautiful crackers were included in a Nov. 30th online article by Town & Country Magazine titled, “15 Luxury Christmas Crackers We Love This Year,” and also appeared in online holiday articles by How To Spend It and Vogue.

Also during the 2017 Holiday Season, Giorgio Armani Beauty, a division of L’Oreal USA, used a custom logo design cracker as a fun gift at their pop-up store in Soho, New York City. Customers making a purchase received a complimentary cracker containing one of several Giorgio Armani beauty products, as well as a chance to win an additional gift if their cracker contained a bonus prize winning ticket.


San Francisco based H2O Plus Beauty presented employees and business associates with a set of three elegant branded crackers as a gift for the 2017 holiday season. Each of the crackers in the set contained a different sample from a new line of H2O Plus skincare products.

Other commissioned crackers provide to clients during the 2017 calendar year include a white branded cracker for a holiday event hosted by the UK Tourist Authority, VisitBritain; an elegant floral cracker decorated with silk ribbon designed by Happy Menocal Studio in Brooklyn, New York; and a custom branded cracker used as an event favor and prize giveaway by Backflip Studios in Boulder, Colorado.


BATH & BODY WORKS had us design a set of jewel-toned crackers containing small toiletry items to feature in a holiday sales campaign.


KELSEY’S RESTAURANTS in eastern Canada used a custom cracker to advertise their holiday party menu.


BANANA REPUBLIC used our crackers to decorate their storefront windows and also to construct a large cracker chandelier to hang in the flagship store in San Francisco during the holiday season.

In 2014 Chandlers Steakhouse in Boise, Idaho used an elegant royal blue cracker with a branded silver sticker to help celebrate a number of their holiday season events. This cracker really worked well with the deep blue and silver decor that dominates much of the restaurant.



MORGAN STANLEY —  For the past few years, Morgan Stanley has been using a custom red foil cracker to help promote a Valentine’s Day community awareness event in New York City.

WEST ELM used a custom cracker for an in-house promotion of their 2014 Holiday Preview.

In 2016 we worked with The Chamberlain Marketing Group to design a a branded cracker for Friedman Integrated Real Estate Solutions that they used for holiday functions at three of their sites in Michigan.

In 2016 we were also particularly pleased to work with the Mecklenburg Community Church in Charlotte, North Carolina to produce a beautiful vintage style cracker filled with numerous small gifts that we are certain brought holiday joy to many in this historical east coast city.