Thank you for helping me make my first homemade Christmas cracker experience a great one!
My crackers were beautiful, snapped when pulled, easily tore, and I filled them with many personal items each respective family member wanted (including cash and coin and some small electronics).
Looking forward to the holidays this year to produce more awesome products!

Todd, February 29, 2016

I somehow had a set of your novelty crackers at my home yesterday and used
them at dinner last night. I can’t tell you how pleasantly surprised I was
at the excellent quality of your product! We have had crackers in the past
and yours were so vastly superior. We all enjoyed them so much that I had to
contact you and let you know. And after looking at your site and seeing all
the others crackers available, I had to ask about wholesale options. I would
love to sell these in my shop next year!
Please let me know how that works.
Thanks again.

Tracey, December 29, 2015

I just wanted to thank you for how quickly my order arrived. I was worried that it wouldn’t get here in time for an event we’re doing next week. To my surprise it arrived in two business days and a week earlier than I expected. My order was correct and packaged well. Thank you! Have a Merry Christmas!

Jeni, December 1, 2015

I made party crackers using your supplies and they came out great!! The video was perfect, and they went together perfectly, filled with goodies I special ordered for my work project. I’m sure they’ll be a hit!!

Thought you might want to see how they turned out, simple, but special!

Melissa, March 2015

I’ve been meaning to contact you but I have been so busy. Just wanted to let you know the crackers were a HUGE success at Morgan Stanley for our Valentine’s promotions! We sold out of everything. I will definitely be reaching out to you for our future promotions!

Thanks for your help!

Arabella, February 2015

WOW… I was very impressed with the ease, efficiency and expert packing of the Holiday Crackers I ordered earlier in the week. Thank you and Happy New Year!

Linda, December 2014

Hello – We received your racing Christmas crackers as a gift this year and LOVED them! The kids thought they were great and they played with the reindeer for hours! Will you get them in stock for next year? Could you please notify us when/if they are back in stock?


Gretchen, December 2014

THANK YOU SO MUCH! The crackers got here JUST IN TIME today!!!
Excellent service, lovely crackers.
Happy Christmas!

Judy, December 2014

I received a boxful of homemade crackers from my brother today, made from your supplies. They are wonderful. Thank you for giving his family a fun Christmas project.

Constance, December 2014

I am quite remiss in sending this email, but I wanted to thank you so much for the wonderful wedding crackers that you created for my daughter’s wedding. I ordered them on October 15 for an October 24 wedding, and they did not disappoint. They arrived a day earlier than anticipated, and were filled with wonderful treasures! Many of the guests were not familiar with crackers, and they were a great icebreaker! Everyone enjoyed them, and they added such a festive touch.
Thank you again for your help! I will place orders with you in the future.

Debbie, December 2014

Awesome service! I ordered some cracker snaps to make Xmas crackers in my traditionally last-minute way of doing things this week, and they were shipped very promptly. Excited to make my crackers this year!
Thanks again.

K. Hall, December 2013

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, I did receive my package as you said I would and am so very pleased. I will be ordering more in the future. You have wonderful products. It just doesn’t get any better than when sellers do everything RIGHT!!

Christine, December 2013

I just wanted to send you a quick “Thank You”! My order arrived earlier today in perfect condition and I couldn’t be happier!! I saw that you were good enough to include a receipt for the amount charged to my card and that, per my notes, send it via priority shipping. Now that’s one less thing I have to worry about before we leave for our holiday road trip to see the family.

Thank you again for helping to keep the glitter on my holiday shopping joy – you folks totally ROCK!!
Happy Christmas and may your New Year bring you everything you’re praying for!!

Liz, December 2013

Absolutely thrilled and delighted – just collected my parcel!! Incredibly impressed with your service from order to delivery here in Israel.

Wonderful – is there anywhere I can write a review?
Thank you Gary and have a wonderful Christmas and a healthy, happy and successful New Year.

Best regards.

Marilyn, November 2013

Just wanted to let you know that I was very pleased with my order. The crackers have become a tradition in our family celebration and they were a great success
Thanks so much.

Donna, January 2013

The crackers arrived and they are beautiful. They finish off our Christmas table – just the right touch. Once again you have delivered a quality product. Thank you. We look forward to ordering again next year.
Very Satisfied Customer!

Connie, December 2012

My family is from Canada and Denmark – crackers are always present at any occasion, but Christmas crackers are always a special treat. Over the years, Mum has bought winners and losers, but the familiar “SNAP” and the laughter while watching my impossibly large-headed father and brother try to keep little bits of tissue hats on their heads is always a ‘fond’ memory.

While reading Martha Stewart ‘Living’ this month, I was thrilled, THRILLED to think that I could build my own crackers, customize gifts, play with the wrapping – all sorts of great things! Best of all was the web address for your firm.

I am so excited to sit with my Mum, Dad and boyfriend and make crackers for the children and the Christmas dinner – already I have started gathering supplies and spying tiny gifts to fill the crackers with!

Thank you for your reasonable prices, prompt shipping and memories-to-be-made.
I believe we will be doing much business in the events to come.
All my best.

Kate, November 2012

I just want to thank you for making the crackers for our wedding…we had several Australian guests and I think it made them feel a bit of home…they were beautiful on the tables with beautiful gold bows….thanks again.

Order 29787, October 2012

I want you all to know what a huge success your silver star crackers were at my daughter’s wedding two weeks ago. Our guests were largely physicians and lawyers, yet everyone had their crowns on! We stuffed them with prizes from Oriental Trading Company. We noticed that there was a lot of battering going on in the 30-something crowd-trading two rings for one bouncy ball, etc. Such a good time, and your crackers were a large part of the joy. Thanks again for a great product.

Jeannie, April 2012

You guys are the best! Got it yesterday. Thank you so much.

Marsue, December 2011

The crackers were a HUGE success at our wedding! Thought you might enjoy some of these photographs of the action.

Ava, December 2011

I just want to say thanks! You have saved me. I will remember you next year – you guys have a great selection!

Jenn, December 2011

My order arrived today – that qualifies as supersonic speed.
Thank you so much and Happy Holidays!

Kim, December 2011

Thank you…our second year doing business with you!!!

Our Daughter is having a baby and we want to have the Christmas Crackers sent to her home this year, as we will all be in Southern California for the new arrival…due date 12-15-2011.

We have so much fun with these items…love em!

Thank you.

Marc, December 2011

I just want to thank you for a) selling cracker components, because I cannot find them anywhere else, and I have such fond memories of Christmas crackers from my childhood, and b) charging a reasonable amount for shipping, rather than other companies that will charge $7 for USPS first class mail on a small package. It’s refreshing to not get gauged by shipping costs.

Cayley, December 2011

My husband and I recently purchased party crackers for our son’s wedding rehearsal dinner. While we know they can be a lot of fun, they aren’t the typical party favor for a rehearsal dinner and we weren’t sure how they would be received —especially by the bride and her family (our son already knows how crazy we can be!).
However, we took a chance and I must say that they really made the party come to life. Rehearsal dinners can be awkward and tension filled with the mixing of new friends and relatives. They were an excellent icebreaker and really helped everyone to let loose and enjoy the evening.

I have attached a picture of the event—notice the bubbles floating in the background. The bride just loved the chocolate wrapped heart; what was really amazing is that she ended up with the only silver crown among the group. That was something we couldn’t have planned but it was just perfect! We had a few extras so she took them as mementos and plans to open one on their first anniversary. Our son was also very pleased. He said it was exactly the type of experience and atmosphere they were both looking for.

We’d like to thank you so much for providing this unique service and contributing to this special occasion. We were very pleased with the quality of your product, value, and great customer service. We’ll definitely pass your information along to anyone who wants to have a good time!

Tina and Ed, October 2011

Received my bulk order of crackers yesterday, and was very pleased with the quality and quick delivery. I travel back and forth to London regularly and usually get my crackers there, but I needed extra for a party. Thank you so much and I look forward to doing business with you again. Happy Holidays.

Lisa, November 2011

I just wanted to write you to thank you for your help with the crackers. They were an absolute hit!! Quite literally… I did accidentally send a knife flying and knock over a champagne glass… oops But they really set the tone for the evening and we had the most amazing night! Attached are some photos that my friends took. I haven’t received the professional photos yet but these from my friends show how much fun we had!

Thank you again.

Katie, July 2011