The Kuckoo Company was established in 2006 after many fruitless years by the owners of trying to find, good, fun and interesting Christmas crackers. Since this time, the staff at Kuckoo Crackers have developed numerous Christmas cracker designs representing an evolution in the market through the inclusion of a diverse range of novel and interactive party games within each different set of crackers. No longer does your Christmas cracker have to offer just a cheap novelty item, a corny joke and a party hat. With Kuckoo Crackers, you get an entertaining and interactive game that will amuse everybody, from children to adults, at your holiday season party event.

For the 2021 Holiday Season, we are offering 12 different Kuckoo Cracker designs, all packaged in sets of six crackers. Whether your party mood is loud, quiet, creative, skillful, mindless, or challenging, each set of crackers has been produced to create as much fun, amusement and pleasure as possible, and across all age groups.

Kuckoo Crackers will have you playing in a musical pop band, competing in a spelling bee, twisting balloons, lying through your teeth, making figures out of clay and building blocks, testing your skill with magic tricks, and much, much more.

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